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Matt Lawrence is a Grammy award-winning mixer, producer and engineer who has worked on some of the most influential records of the past 20 years.


His work has been streamed in the billions, & has contributed to millions of record sales worldwide.

Matt is an experienced mixer with a proven track record, with mix credits that include Ellie Goulding, Mumford & Sons and Frank Turner.

He is also a Universal records approved Dolby Atmos Mixer.

His technical & creative skills, and time as Chief Engineer at London’s Metropolis studios mean he's called on for more unusual and challenging sessions.


From producing the audio post for the global

Live 8 concerts, to the first direct to vinyl cut in thirty years, to a Bond theme.


While Matt’s work has contributed to many hit records internationally, he also enjoys working with new and up & coming artists  at an early stage in their careers.


Matt has worked alongside a wide range of high calibre producers, giving him an unrivalled education in making records, names such as…


Sir George Martin, Mark Ronson, Timbaland,, Justin Timberlake, Norman Cook, Butch Vig, and Alan Moulder.

Matt works mostly out of his south London studio which is suited for both mixing or full band tracking.

His interpersonal skills and affinity for artists' vision mean that he quickly understands what is required and guides them accordingly.




Dolby Atmos Logo

Matt is a hugely experienced surround mixer and is a Universal Records approved Dolby Atmos mixer. He has long been an expert in 5.1 mixing which made the leap to 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos straightforward.  Whether from stems, multitracks or from recording and inception, Matt is adept at delivering mixes that sound great in full surround but also fold down perfectly to Dolby binaural and work brilliantly with the separate codecs for Apple Music. Matt can also deliver Sony 360 Mixes.


The Cure, Matt Lawrence

Planning and producing the recording and audio post for the Global Live 8 concerts is one example of the high profile nature of his work. He is an expert in recreating and adding to the vibe of the night and delivering across multiple formats with tight deadlines for artists including: George Ezra, Inhaler, Interpol, James Brown, James Morrison, Moloko, Robbie Williams (including Knebworth), Scissor Sisters, Slipknot, Snow Patrol, Tom Walker, The White Stripes, U2.



Mixing, Matt Lawrence

Matt works closely with artists, MDs and FOH engineers to help them get their off-stage sound as close to the final mix as is achievable. This is hugely desirable for TVs etc and when the broadcast mix from festivals has minimal time for approval. 
This has been implemented in a range of formats, from music festivals to international synchronous cinema broadcasts. He has also supervised broadcasts from Glastonbury and Isle of Wight and has a constructive relationship with the BBC engineers.




For Management contact James Morgan at Piecesof8music

To get in touch with Matt directly, please send a message using the form below.


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